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In respect of the 2022 audited financial statements
The Board of NIC Holdings Limited wishes to inform esteemed shareholders of the Company

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How to Order for a Travel Policy
As a new client to the system Navigate to the portal and sign up for an account see url below How to sign up for an account The page displayed once you sign u...

Credit Limit
WHAT IS CREDIT LIMIT This refers to the maximum outstanding balance you can have on your account without being penalized. It can in simple terms be comparable to a flexible loan o...

Agent Sales
Who are Sales Agents? Sales Agents are also known as Securities and Commodities Sales Agents and they basically do business on behalf of individuals, businesses and or organization...

What is the travel cancellation procedure?
You may cancel you policy at least three (3) working days before the policy start date by informing us in writing and providing the following; Completed cancellation form Visa rejection ...

What is motor third-party insurance in simple terms and who benefits from this motor insurance coverage?
Motor third party insurance was introduced by the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act in 1989. The Act provides for compulsory insurance against third party bodily risks in resp...