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In respect of the 2022 audited financial statements
The Board of NIC Holdings Limited wishes to inform esteemed shareholders of the Company

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Account Profile Rating
According to NIC GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD, profile rating is a process where by your level of trust is determined based on the number of stars that you have in your account. This mean...

How to change your password
There are two ways through which you can be able to trigger a password reset through the system. You can either do so before logging in to your NIC GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD account by us...

Credit Limit
WHAT IS CREDIT LIMIT This refers to the maximum outstanding balance you can have on your account without being penalized. It can in simple terms be comparable to a flexible loan o...

Account Opening Documents
As per regulations, we are required to know our customers (KYC). We therefore will need you to submit your documents in order to have your account verified and limits lifted off from it. T...

Help Desk
Submitting a Ticket Request When it comes to getting support from us at NIC GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD, submitting a support ticket is one of the best ways to request assistance....