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NIC GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD offers a wide range of products and services in order to support SMEs in their business in the domestic and international market.

[Private] Vehicle

[Private] Vehicle Starting From 4% Annually

Covers Saloons, Station wagons & Pick-ups for private use only.

[Commercial] Buses (PSV)

[Commercial] Buses (PSV) Starting From 7.5% Annually

Covers PSV vans/minibus/bus/coach sitting 14 passengers and more

Motor Cycles

Motor Cycles Starting From 10% Annually

Covers motorcycle types like Destini 125, Xpulse 200, Hunter 125 etc.


Tricycles Starting From 5% Annually

The policy covers tricycle use only.  Some of the covered types are Destini 125, Xpulse 200, Hunter 125 types of tricycles.

[Commercial] Trailers

[Commercial] Trailers Starting From 6% Annually

Covers Lorries, Prime Movers/Tractor Heads, Trailers & Haulers for commercial use only.

[Commercial] Tankers (Petrol, Gas)

[Commercial] Tankers (Petrol, Gas) Starting From 7.5% Annually

Covers tankers of Petrol, Gas, and Chemicals for commercial use only.

[Commercial] Tankers (All others)

[Commercial] Tankers (All others) Starting From 6% Annually

Covers non Petrol, Gas, and Chemicals tankers for commercial use only.

[Commercial] Buses (PMO)

[Commercial] Buses (PMO) Starting From 6% Annually

Covers PMO vans/minibus/buses/coaches for corporate & schools.

[Commercial] Special Types

[Commercial] Special Types Starting From 4% Annually

Covers Vehicles such as Ambulances, Hearses, Bullions, Fire Fighting, Farm & Motor Recovery

[Commercial] Mobile Plants

[Commercial] Mobile Plants Starting From 3% Annually

Covers vehicles such as concrete mixers, bulldozers, excavators, road rollers, cranes

[Commercial] Driving Schools

[Commercial] Driving Schools Starting From 5% Annually

Diving school insurance covers theft, damage, liability, injury and also protects your student ...

[Commercial] Saloon, Station Wagon & Pickups

[Commercial] Saloon, Station Wagon & Pickups Starting From 5% ...

Covers Saloons, Station wagons, and Pick-ups for commercial use only. 

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Our Corporate and Individual clients enjoy a growing number of insurance solutions tailored to mitigate negative economic effects, provide peace of mind and assure them of a better life.​

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UAP's Investment Management service emphasizes risk management and long-term growth, capital preservation as well as reasonable returns on your Investment​

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Property Development

We have developed and invested in an array of ultra-modern commercial properties in the hospitality, industrial, retail and residential sectors across the Eastern Africa region.​

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UAP Old Mutual Group is an integrated financial services company offering a range of financial services, which include Investment, Insurance, Banking and Savings with a wider and more accessible distribution network.