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[Commercial] Buses (PSV)

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[Commercial] Buses (PSV)

Starting From 7.5% Annually


Covers PSV vans/minibus/bus/coach sitting 14 passengers and more.

It's always good to have motor vehicle insurance that caters specifically for institutions like schools, hospitals, universities, etc.

The policy will allow you to compensate individuals, businesses and companies against accidental loss or damage to their motor vehicles used in connection with their own business, or when hired.


Geographical AreaUganda
3rd Party Bodily Injury & or Death per person anyone Incident10,000,000/=
3rd Party Bodily Injury in Aggregate50,000,000/=
3rd Party Property Damage in Aggregate50,000,000/=
Medical expenses to the Insured/driver following a motor accident in the Insured vehicle for the driverUp to 2,000,000/=
Claims preparation costs (costs involved in making a claim will be reimbursed to the Insured)Up to 2,000,000/=
Fire Extinguishing Charges ExtensionUp to 2,000,000/=
Radio Cassette /CD/TVUp to 1,000,000/=
Locks and Keys extensionUp to 1,000,000/=
Windscreen ReplacementReplacement Cost
Removal & Towing limit / Breakdown ServiceActual Charges Subject to Proof
Authority to repairUp to 1,500,000/=
Vehicle protection following an accidentUp to 2,000,000/=
Vandalism of VehicleUp to actual cost incurred
Wrong FuelUp to 1,000,000/=
Replacement of parts clauseCovered
Suspension of Cover ClauseCovered
Intoxication ClauseCovered
Average ClauseCovered
Loss by FireCovered
Loss by TheftCovered
Loss due to damages caused by floods, hurricane, storms, earthquakes and other related occurrencesCovered
Parking Facility & Movement of VehiclesCovered
Loss through Riots, Civil Commotion and Malicious DamageCovered
Rescue Operations & Completion of JourneyUp to 2,000,000/= / 1,500,000 Respectively
Loss of personal effects excluding money & electronic gadgets like cell phones & laptopsUp to 500,000/=
Court legal liabilityUp to 6,000,000/=
Contingent of the carriers liabilityUp to 5,000,000/=


The following is a short form listing of major policy
  1. War and related perils
  2. Theft by own employees
  3. Damage to Tyres by braking, punctures, cuts, or bursts.
  4. Depreciation, wear, and tear
  5. Mechanical or electrical failures or breakages