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Motor Cycles

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The private motorcycle is a type of insurance policy that covers Destini 125, Xpulse 200, Hunter 125 type of motorcycles for private use only.

Your motorcycle is one of the milestone investments in your life. It is a reflection of the person who drives it. It has toiled for you so many times and it is time you think about protecting your motorcycle from unforeseen events such as theft or accident which can harm your cycle..

Considering the exorbitant motor repair costs these days even slight damage to your motorcycle can burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, it is prudent to purchase a Motorcycle Insurance policy that understands the importance of an automobile in your life. 

This insurance policy will cover you financially against the losses that arise due to an accident, natural calamity, theft, or fire. It not only provides reimbursement for third-party losses but also provides compensation in case of a personal accident to the owner.


3rd Party Bodily Injury & or Death per person anyone Incident10,000,000
3rd Party Bodily Injury in Aggregate50,000,000
3rd Party Property Damage in Aggregate50,000,000
Medical expenses to the Insured/driver following a motor accident in the Insured vehicle for the driverUpto 1,000,000/=
Claims preparation costs (costs involved in making a claim will be reimbursed to the Insured)Upto 2,000,000/=
Fire Extinguishing Charges ExtensionUpto 1,000,000
Locks and Keys extensionCovered upto actual costs incured
Removal & Towing limit / Breakdown ServiceActual charges subject to proof
Authority to repair limitUpto 500,000/=
Suspension of Cover ClauseIncluded
Intoxication ClauseIncluded
Average ClauseIncluded
Loss by FireCovered
Loss by TheftCovered
Loss due to damages caused by floods, hurricane, storms, earthquakes and other related occurrencesCovered
Loss through Riots, Civil Commotion and Malicious DamageCovered
Loss of useUpto 50,000 per day for a maximum of 14 days / subject to a time excess of 3 days as per IRA minimum rates.
Basis of ValuationMarket Value
Notice of cancellation30 Days
Court legal liabilityUpto 3,000,000/=
Rescue, operation & completion of journeyUpto 1,000,000/= / 500,000/= respectively
Contigent/ Vicarious LiabilityUpto 5,000,000/=
Personal Accident (Death & Perment Total Disability Only)Upto 2,000,000/=


The following is a short form listing of major policy
  1. War and related perils
  2. Theft by own employees
  3. Damage to Tyres by braking, punctures, cuts, or bursts.
  4. Depreciation, wear, and tear, mechanical or electrical breakages
  5. Political violence / terrorism & sabotage

Frequently Asked Questions

Motor Insurance is also called as Car (Two Wheeler) insurance, Vehicle insurance or Auto insurance. As the name suggests, a motor insurance is an insurance for two wheelers, cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. The basic purpose of Motor insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damage to the vehicle or bodily injury to third party as a result of accidents, collisions apart from liabilities arising from such incidents. Motor insurance gives protection to the vehicle owner against;

(i). damages to his/her vehicle

(ii). pays for any Third Party Liability determined as per law against the owner of the vehicle. Third Party Insurance is a statutory and legal requirement and hence every vehicle owner should mandatorily insured his/her vehicle at least for Third Party cover. The owner of the vehicle is legally liable for any injury or damage to third party life or property caused by or arising out of the use of the vehicle in a public place.

Motor third party insurance was introduced by the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act in 1989. The Act provides for compulsory insurance against third party bodily risks in respect of the use of vehicles.

It is mandatory that any vehicle, van or motorcycle for private or commercial use should have Motor Third Party insurance cover. The law only exempts Government owned vehicles.

The person who benefits from Motor Third Party is a third party who suffers loss or death or bodily injury as a result of an accident. This maybe any road user, such as a pedestrian, a motor vehicle passenger, a property owner involved in an accident.

The first party is the owner of the vehicle or motorcycle whereas the insurance company is the second party.

Please note that this type of insurance protects the interest of only third parties, not yours.

In addition to third-party liability, a comprehensive insurance plan protects your vehicle against risks like theft, vandalism, and fire. It also covers you if your car or bike suffers any loss or damage due to natural or man-made disasters such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, riots, and so on.

Your insurance policy follows the vehicle, not the driver. If your vehicle is being driven by someone else with your permission, the insurer will still be liable to pay for damages up to the sum assured.

Once you have intimated the insurer, you will be provided with a claim number. On submitting the required documents, your claim will be processed within a short period of time in accordance with the policy’s terms and conditions.

A commercial car has a higher exposure to risk as it is used more than a private car. The vehicle will be used repeatedly to carry out commercial activities, which makes it vulnerable to accidents and third party liabilities.

A private vehicle  Insurance  is a type of insurance policy meant for cars that cannot be legally used for commercial or business activities such as transporting goods or people from one place to another.

For one to purchase Motor Third Party Online the following payment options are available

  1. Using MTN Mobile money type the following code; *165*4*5*5# press enter and follow the prompts.
  2. Using Airtel Money type the following code: *185*7*6*1# press enter and follow the prompts.
  3. Once the transaction is complete one will get two text messages
    • One indicates that the transaction has been completed
    • Another showing the sticker reference number.
  4. Once you get the sticker reference number, show it to one of our agents at the outlets, branches, or at head office and a sticker will be printed for you.

You can also send us the reference number on our WhatsApp support group through the URL: LnZJ7ZABQ4cJepuM8DhjlH and we shall advise on the delivery options.

Please find below a flyer with the summarized information of the same.

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