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Single Trips

Starting From UGX0

Travel Insurance is an insurance policy that provides 24-hour emergency medical assistance, personal accident cover, compensation for travel delay and loss of traveller's property and other travel-related contingencies arising during the trip. This policy is not a general health insurance policy.

The coverage is intended for use by the insured in the event of sudden and unexpected sickness or accident arising when the insured is outside of his or her home country.

All Limits are indicated in US Dollars (USD) equivalent to Ugandan Shilling (UGX) currency at time of claim - PER PERSON
Eligibity (Age) Up to 75yrs
1. Personal Accident (Accidental Death and Disablement as outlined in the wording) 25,000
2. Medical & Other Expenses Upto 250,000
Funeral expenses & cost of transporting the remains/ashes to Country of Domicile/Residence Included within the Overall Limit
Cremation/Burial Abroad Upto 2,000
Hospital Daily Benefit** 10/per each 24hrs stay - Max. 15 days
Emergency Dental Care Upto 150
Emergency Optical Care only as a result of accident Upto  150
Cost of Hearing and Visual Aids – as a result of an accident where treatment in Hospital following Bodily Injury Upto 150
Follow Up treatment after returning to Country of Residence/domicile: Not Covered
3. Curtailment Upto 1,000
4. Baggage & Personal Effects: Upto 1,000 
Single Article Limit 250
Jewellery and Valuables Limit 250
5. Delayed Baggage Upto 100 after the waiting period 6 hours
6. Money, Travellers’ Cheques/Documents/ Passport Upto 500 (Loss of Money, Travellers’ Cheques Sub-limited to Upto USD 250)
7. Travel Delay 10 per hour (after the first 6 hours waiting period) / max 180
8. Legal Expenses Upto 1,500
9. Hijack and Kidnap 100/per each 24hrs - Max. 30 days
10. War and Terrorism but excluding Nuclear, Chemical or Biological Covered for Sections 1, 2, 3 & 7
11. Sports, Leisure Activities & Winter Sports for persons upto age of 60 years only and sub limits to apply in respect of: Covered for Sections 1 and 2 with sub-limits as follows:
First Aid and/or Rescue Upto 20,000
Ski Equipment Upto 1,000
Single Article Limit 500
Ski Equipment Hire 75 per each day / Max. 7 days
Ski Pack Upto 750
Piste Closure 100 per each day / Max. 7 days
Avalanche or Landslide 100 per each day / Max. 7 days
Golf Cover  
Golf Equipment Upto 3,000
Single Article Limit 500
Golf Equipment Hire 75 per each day / Max. 7 days
Non-refundable golfing fees 100 per each day / Max. 5 days
Hole-in-One Upto 500


All Excess/Deductible amounts are indicated in U S Dollars (USD) equivalent to Ugandan Shilling (UGX) currency at time of claim

Excess(es) – to apply on each section : EACH AND EVERY CLAIM PER PERSON
Section 1 – Personal Accident NIL
Section 2 – Medical and other Expenses USD100.00 each and every claim
For Hospital Daily Benefit Excess of first 24 hours each and every claim
Section 3 - Cancellation and Curtailment USD100.00 (although deposit only claims USD 50.00 each)
Section 4 - Baggage & Personal Effects USD50.00
Section 5 - Delayed Baggage USD 50.00
Section 6 - Money, Travellers’ Cheques/Documents/Passport USD50.00
Section 7 - Travel Delay, Abandonment and Missed Departure USD50.00
Section 8 - Legal Expenses USD150.00
Section 9 - Hijack and Kidnap NIL
Section 10 - War and Terrorism but excluding Nuclear, Chemical or Biological Excess as per relevant Sections covered
Section 11 - Sports, Leisure Activities & Winter Sports
Excess as per relevant sections covered but for:
  • Ski Equipment – USD50.00
  • Ski Equipment Hire – USD 50.00
  • Ski Pack – Nil
  • Piste Closure – USD 50.00
  • Avalanche or Landslide – USD 50.00
  • Golf Equipment – USD 50.00
  • Golf Equipment Hire – USD 50.00
  • Non-refundable golfing fees – USD 50.00
  • Hole-in-One – USD50.00